Hip Hop Run San Jose Map

Hip Hop Run San Jose 2017


-- 5K RUN--


Starting at the MAIN STAGE inside of KELLEY PARK

heading north, head left making way around the San Jose History Parking Lot

Stay straight to turn right onto PHELAN AVE  through the exit of the park

Turn RIGHT to head NORTH onto SENTER RD

Continue straight to u-turn heading SOUTH onto SENTER RD

Stay straight back to PHELAN AVE and turn LEFT 

Inside of the park, follow the trail heading up around to the NORTH side of the park

The trail will loop SOUTH and head towards the MAIN STAGE


10K will do the 5k route two times. 

NOTICE: There will be clear signage of where/how to continue your route and begin your 2nd loop so you don't cross the finish line too soon.  



Both routes ending and starting at the same place, under the timing arch. 

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1609 Regatta Lane, Suite C 
San Jose, CA 95112